Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Choosing the right paint color can be as tricky as a washed-up, overweight, non-celebrity trying to learn the samba on "Dancing With the Stars," somewhat simple at first, but far more complicated than it looks.  I've offered several tips in the past for picking the right colors…paint a large swatch on a wall and let it sit for a few days, use either pieces of drywall (for closest, real-life look) or plywood, painted, and place in each room or download a paint app, upload a photo of your room and play with colors.  Sometimes, however, you have to stop over-thinking and start imagining how you plan to use the room.  Is it a space you will be in the majority of your time at home? What direction does the room face, if that's the case? For example, if you love BLUE how much light does the room get during the time you spend in it most?  If that's a tough one to answer, I would suggest painting a large swatch on various parts of the wall and observe how the light plays with it over several days..especially as we approach the darker, cooler days of winter.  Once you've wrestled with what color to put where, keep track of your choices by placing the paint on stir sticks and jotting down what room, finish, color code, etc. on the end.  That way you can GET RID of the paint cans and unnecessary clutter, grab a glass of something yummy and sit back and enjoy the view from your room with the perfect hue.