Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I hate curtains.  There, I said it.  Shocking, I know, that a gay designer would admit to despising any kind of fabric, but unless you have a view of an enormous naked person across the street, why cover up your windows?  Now prepare yourselves because I'm about to contradict that last statement.  If you live in a large city or a home with low ceilings, a cold climate or an otherwise drab dwelling, curtains can often act like lovely accessories and dress the place up.  The part I loathe..hanging them!  I am so sick and tired of searching for a stud, buying an anchor bolt and destroying a wall trying to find the perfect way to hang a tacky, heavy rod.  Until now…after working in an old house with lathe and plaster (try driving a nail into the wall and it sounds like the entire house is crumbling inside the wall) I was frustrated because I couldn't hang a ribbon without a nail coming out of the wall.  Then I discovered these lovely "hangman screw hooks" at the Home Depot (searched Lowes but couldn't find them) which hold 100 pounds of whatever you want to put on your wall!  No pounding, no drilling, no huge mess when you decide to remove the screws…simply screw them into position and hang!  Now back to my curtain call…
Here's a little secret if you have low ceilings or smaller windows..hang the curtains as close to the ceiling as possible for the illusion of more room!  Trust me, it works!  And if you're curtains look like something your mother wore to the prom, TOSS THEM!