Monday, September 15, 2014


While preparing to blog about a great little product, a friend of mine did what many of us have done (some far more than we'd like to admit) and dropped his phone in a toilet.  Thankfully it was HIS toilet and not a public one (I'd just let the phone go if that were the case), and it just happened that I had a fun little tip for him.  In order to dry out the phone place it in a plastic container with a package of DAMP RID and let it sit overnight.  Sure, going without texting, tweeting or Facebooking is a huge sacrifice, but replacing an expensive phone is not fun either.  While you wait for the phone to dry out, think about all of the things you've been missing out on while ON THAT PHONE..and, by the way, why must one text while relieving themselves? Can't it wait? On another note, and the real reason why I had damp rid on the brain, I've been working in an old farmhouse and couldn't put my finger on the smell in the kitchen.  Initially I thought it was rodent urine, and thankfully it was not.  I then went directly to the mold scenario and, again, thank goodness it was not that either.  This 80 year old kitchen had just been given a clean paint makeover and during the process the cabinets just STUNK.  The best way to get rid of the stink, in my opinion, is not to mask it with scented sprays as that just makes the nasty smells smell like nasty smells wearing perfume.  DAMP RID is a great product (I prefer unscented, especially in the kitchen where you'll be placing pots and pans, food, etc).  DAMP RID literally sucks the moisture, smells, etc OUT of the space.  Best $5 I ever spent on getting rid of a nasty scent!