Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Have you noticed the quiet hum this week everywhere you go? I must say, I'm overcome with joy because it's that time of year again…sure, Fall and the holidays are my ultimate favorite time of the year (and I'll get to that later, for sure) but as an adult moving further and further away from those sweet years as a teenager, I'm elated that it's BACK TO SCHOOL TIME!  I can finally enjoy a Starbucks AT Starbucks without wanting to put a fire out with my face after hearing screams and screeches from teenage girls, I will take time eating my salad and not worry that I'm part of a teenyboppers vine video and I will take great pleasure in shopping EVERYWHERE without hoards of kids buzzing around chattering about important things like Britney Spears bucket challenge video.  Ahhh, September, you're so good to me, and I thank you!  Speaking of shopping, and I mentioned this a few weeks ago, but the summer sales are winding down and prices have never been better! I just picked up a few outdoor umbrellas at Lowe's for 75% off, an outdoor dining set at Macy's Home Store for 50% off and several outdoor rugs at Target for 90% off!  Sure you might not use them today, but when you roll them out next spring and summer you'll be happy I schooled you in this cost-saving tip! Enjoy the day…and the peace and quiet!