Monday, August 4, 2014


I remember an article years ago written by one of my favorite domestic divas where she explained how to properly fold a sheet.  While it held my attention long enough to walk to our linen closet, take one look and decide to go out for coffee instead, it taught me only one thing; she has tons of money which means she has lots and lots of people working for her who fold her sheets.  This diva wasn't fooling anyone, she doesn't have time to run an empire and fold sheets, and neither do many of us who are just trying to keep our kingdoms calm.  But one chaotic space in many homes, you guessed it, is the linen closet, so take a minute to get organized and you might lower your stress just a bit!  While I'm not running a magazine empire, I am trying to keep our little castle organized, so twice a year I head into our linen closets and toss anything that looks like it's turned down Ugly Street (or repurpose for grocery bags, etc.), donate items we haven't used and organize the heck out of the stuff that's left.  I like to dedicate shelves to each room; guest room number one has the top shelf, guest room number two has the middle, etc.  In each guest closet I have separate towels and extra sheets and blankets, but overflow items live in our hall linen closets (yes, I sale shop A LOT).  I bundle sheet sets together…bottom sheet, pillow cases, etc….and wrap them in the flat sheet so I know what set it is (or you can wrap them in fabric)…Trust me, your sheets (and guests) will love it when you take a minute, get organized and show that you give a sh#t!