Saturday, August 23, 2014


As a kid I absolutely dreaded the last week of summer vacation.  Not only were the long, hot days of doing nothing at all over, but my summer reading list handed to us the last week of school was still crumpled in a ball at the bottom of my backpack.  Ugh.  How to fit in four books in one week? I think I still have that nightmare from time to time…don't we all? That you're heading to a class completely unprepared and, even worse, don't know where the classroom is!  Well guess what, my friends? I'm giving you a little break…I'm heading into a busy week so am going to take a little break from blogging so I can come up with great ideas for the fall season.  Take this opportunity to catch up on my blogs if you've been missing them this summer, and if you haven't bought my book yet about the fabulous vintage trailer company SERRO SCOTTY…BUY IT NOW!  I'll be back the week after labor day with more great tips on everything from Dining to Designing!!