Thursday, August 7, 2014


No, I did not take the top photo nor do I know who the person is in it, but this image popped up when I googled "tiny Manhattan apartment."  Apparently this fine gentleman rented that "shoebox" apartment for $800 because he loved that he could sit on his sofa and rest his feet on the wall.  Humm, that's not really anything I've ever wanted to do, honestly, but more power to him because that truly is downsizing (and, yes, what you see in that photo is basically what you get…he has a tiny hot plate to his left and a shared bathroom down the hall.  Shared bathroom. $800/month.  Welcome to Manhattan, folks!  I found myself in a downsizing kinda mood yesterday when I went apartment hunting in the city.  Two words come to mind; holy and shit.  That city is expensive, filled with sinners and wowzah does it stink!  But, it's got something and everyone wants a piece of it, so when I finally found a tiny little crash pad the size of a Brillo pad, I immediately got to thinking about how to space save, downsize and design a tiny space with big ideas.  To start, I love mixing vintage with just about everything…I also love mixing cocktails, no matter what size bar.  This vintage wash basin seemed like the perfect place to rest a little bar, filled with fun spirits to lift any ones mood, even after a day of apartment hunting in Manhattan!