Tuesday, August 12, 2014


A few months ago I experienced endless nights of sleeplessness, where I tossed and turned through nightmares, sleeping very little, spending my days struggling to keep my head up.  When I diagnosed myself I realized it wasn't the frightening clients I was working for at the time, but the scary shows we tuned into just before bedtime.  Makes sense…watch a show about a serial killer before going to sleep and, well, you'll dream about serial killers most likely.  So, I started flipping the channel to the very low-key, somewhat relaxing House Hunters as we hopped into bed, but that ended up turning into a whole other kind of nightmare.  What was meant as a transitional program designed to calmly take my overactive imagination from Hannibal the Cannibal to Holly the homemaker, ended up elevating my blood pressure even more.  In the wee hours of the morning I would find myself staring at the ceiling thinking to myself, "those idiots really chose that house simply because it had granite counter tops!!" The nit-picking over nonsense on camera like paint colors, door knobs, and light fixtures is clearly a tool used by the producers to make the show more interesting (participants are obviously told to MAKE IT BIG, comment on everything you like and don't, etc.) which not only makes me nuts, but keeps me tuning in to see what idiocy people will come up with.  That said, folks, here's a design newsflash…Stainless Steel and Granite are going to be as out as white refrigerators and Formica in a few years.  Why on earth does everyone seem to want GRANITE? I just don't get it when there are so many other better, much more beautiful options on the market (in my opinion).  Take Quartz, for example.  The hardest, most impervious counter tops available, quartz resists heat, scratches, cracks and stains, they don't need to be sealed (granite needs to be treated at least twice a year) and many are less expensive than granite.  If you're setting out to renovate a nightmare of a kitchen, explore the great big world of quartz…a good design decision might just mean a better nights sleep!