Thursday, July 24, 2014


I've mentioned in the past what our household routine is when misplacing a tool (we race to the hardware store and buy a new one only to return home to find it again) and the system is no different when it comes to kitchen tools.  So, guess what? We have enough kitchen crapola to furnish SIX cooks kitchens.  Because I love to display my vintage crocks and bowls, I started storing our kitchen items in them years ago and thought, foolishly, that this would decrease our over-abundance of whisks, spatulas, wooden spoons, timers, and other random things I didn't think belonged in kitchens.  Bless my heart.  At very least, they are in plain sight for the chef of our home…and for the organizer (me) to toss out the bad, replenish the old and polish the new.
Got Crap? Take inventory of it at least twice a year and get rid of rotten, broken items and replace them piece by piece.  Cracked wooden spoons should be tossed as bacteria can hide and rarely escapes wood fragments, certain spoons scratch pots and pans (replace with heavy duty plastic) and others just get nasty.  If they're out and about, check em out then throw them out!