Friday, July 18, 2014


Chances are if I walked into your home and suggested wallpapering your staircase to create a dramatic focal point, you would focus my attention on your front door and toss me right out with the recycles!  But, listen folks, that's why people hire people like come up with INNOVATIVE, out of the box, often off-the-wall ideas.  A few weeks ago I painted fun colors on the risers of a staircase and the homeowners acted like I had just explained the meaning of life.  They loved it.  So this week I decided to do something truly off the wall by wallpapering the risers of the main staircase.  Because we've gone completely monochromatic with the wall colors (I would never suggest doing this on a staircase where the adjacent wall is already covered in fabric), I decided to add a little unconventional POW to the staircase by introducing a vintage inspired, yet modern wallpaper.  Turn that frown upside down and hang wallpaper all the way up your staircase!
Adding a bit of flair to a staircase literally and figuratively takes it to another level, and it's a rather simple project.  Using one roll of wallpaper (for the typical staircase) simply attach paper to risers as directed by manufacturer (usually just wallpaper glue works after prepping riser slightly).  I then add at least three coats of clear water-based varnish with a cheap foam brush to protect from scuffs and aggressive shoes.