Monday, July 28, 2014


If you told me a few weeks ago I'd be sharing a recipe for delicious Patty Pan's, I'd tell you A.) Is that Peter Pan's sister and B.) I don't THINK SO!  But part of living, folks, is exploring new things and when it comes to culinary delights, it's a great big world out there!  I'm not a huge fan of squash.  If you pile marshmallows on it, bake it and tell me to eat it at the Thanksgiving table I will likely hide it under a pile of mashed potatoes and gravy and quietly slip it into the trash when you're not looking.  If you roast them with other veggies I'll eat them, but the ride home in the car won't include me gushing over how mouth-watering delicious they were.  That is, until I met my new best friend from the squash family; Patty Pan.  I mean, how could anything with such a cute name taste gross?  When purchased in a grocery store looking like they do in the photo above (awkwardly shoved to the side, sorry) simply place them on a baking sheet, set your oven to 350 and cover with salt, pepper, olive oil and chopped onions and a splash of vinegar.  Bake until soft, but not mashed potato-ey (approx 20 minutes).  Not only are these incredibly delicious and healthy, they're just as good the following day cold, sliced up on a salad or all by there lonesome selves.  Little Miss Patty Pan…whats not to love?