Tuesday, June 17, 2014


UPS asks the question in their slogan, "what can brown do for you?" Horrible ad campaign, if you ask me, but hey, brown is clearly turning into green for them!  Personally, I love hues of different blues.  I also like to paint them in places most people wouldn't dare to add a little flare.  In a huge, open loft in TriBeca I painted the floors of an unfinished space powder blue.  In bedrooms I often paint a contrasting color on the ceiling (and, no, I don't paint it blue to mimic the sky…I paint it blue because it looks bluetiful!). The last example I do over and over again to jazz up old antique pieces or add a little spice to an otherwise tasteless kitchen, by painting the back of the cabinet walls.  Dishes pop, cabinet doors pop and, honestly, everything looks better draped in a lovely color.  Yes, even you, could fall in love with blue!