Thursday, June 26, 2014


It's no secret I've had a few strange requests from clients through the years…add shag carpeting to the ceiling of a bedroom, install a large fish tank in a basement with a glass floor above it, hang a Volkswagen hood on a living room wall, incorporate dog leashes into a kitchen design…if it's possible, I've DONE IT!  This month finds me with a very sweet client with one simple request…a five year old who only wants polka dots on the wall of his bedroom. WISH GRANTED!  While I used to trace plates with a pencil then carefully paint within the lines (childhood color book drawing came in handy with that project) today a simple search online found several "polka dot wall decals" for under $20/12 pack (while Urban Outfitters a had great ones, best deals were found at!  When my lovely client changes his mind in a few months and wants something else, these peel right off and leave no marks behind!
My clients parents have moved to a new home and to make the transition easier for the little one, I decided to get him involved with the design of his room.  I've suggested this before to those moving with small children, as a way to get them involved and OUT OF THE WAY on move day and to make the transition to a new place less traumatic.  Because he wanted polka dots on the wall, I handled the ordering of them and placement on the wall.  I then ran to an arts and crafts store and picked up several round canvases in various sizes and a batch of multi-colored paints.  While I was busy setting up his bedroom, he was creating artwork to proudly hang in his new space.  Yes, even at age five, it's important to feel a connection with your space!