Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Since moving to the east coast, my design abilities have been tested on many levels (well, actually, many things have been tested on every level, but that's for another day!).  When I have clients in Manhattan, for example, my capabilities as a space planner and creating multi-use pieces becomes paramount in my design.  It doesn't matter if I'm working in a snotty 4,000 square foot apartment on the Upper East Side or a 500 square foot studio in SoHo, this active city requires home furnishings to be as versatile as the people using them.  At the same time, for whatever reason, I've been working with more clients with small children in the past several years than ever before.  Through these experiences I have found that children, like a tiny apartment with high design hopes, can be a real challenge.  I often ask the same of little apartments in Manhattan; how do tiny people have SO MUCH CRAPOLA??  Instead of lamenting, I figure out what to do with it!  In the world of organization, I've always felt that if you don't create a place for it, it will never have a home….don't have a special place for the 25 rolls of paper towels, then you can either A.) buy smaller quantities or B.) FIND A PLACE FOR THEM and always put them there.  That's why I love little things like key catches (bowls, hangers, etc) placed by the front door, so no one walks around looking for lost keys again.  Back to the messy kiddos…whether you have a grand mudroom or simple entry, a few easy steps go a long way in organizing your families mess.  These wire bins purchased at Target and hung on simple pieces of wood (or you can hang directly on wall) create instant landing spots for hats, gloves, books, keys, dog leashes and every other thing you're always looking for as you head out the door.  Create a space for those always misplaced items, and you'll never leave home without them again!