Friday, June 13, 2014

BENJAMIN cost MOORE and is MOORE work!

I realize if I had a dollar for every time I uttered the phrase, "since moving to the east coast" I would own half of the east coast, but I continue to be amazed (even six years later) by the vast differences between California and New York.  Now, I'm not talking about the diversity in dialect, wardrobe, education, architecture, or even hair styles, I'm talking about little things like paint. No matter what the budget, size of home or neighborhood I've designed in since moving to the east coast, every single client…no word of a lie…has insisted on using Benjamin Moore paints. When I try to lure them to another brand (and I benefit in no way whatsoever by doing so) I get such negative feedback, you'd think I had suggested painting a naked image of Jesus on their living room wall.  I've not seen so many people rally behind a brand like this ever (well, maybe Subaru on this coast), and again I ask, for what reason? I love Consumer Reports (great idea for Dad, if you haven't gotten him anything yet) because Consumer Reports is an organization that actually buys products and tests them..they are not paid by anyone to endorse certain products, etc.  On the contrary, just like you and me, they test them, document the results and share them with us, the consumer.  Over and over again, Benjamin Moore (at $68/gallon) falls well behind other paints like Home Depots Behr (number 1 and 2 in the tests above for semi-gloss and flat finishes).  In the last two months ALONE my painters have covered over 30,000 square feet with BENJAMIN MOORE paint and each and every time I've asked them to go back and paint it again, because even with two coats of mothers milk (as many call it), it still looked like crap.  Once upon a time I do believe Benjamin Moore produced a great product, but like many expanding companies, the more you grow, sometimes the more you diminish the product.  Bejamin Moore now has over ten different "brands" within Benjamin Moore (I call it "BM" for short).  If we also go back to the charts above for just a second…BM is TWICE this cost of the higher rated Behr.  And that, my friends, is just one big old pile of steaming bullish*t!