Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Well, apparently the images from are as little as the cost, so my apologies for the tiny picture today, but just trust me on this one!  Boy do I ever feel like the town hooker these days, as I've visited more homes in the last few months than Clay Aiken begging for votes in North Carolina!  Indeed I have blogged about this little treasure before, but it never fails to disappoint (actually I ordered a rug once that showed up looking like a frat house had partied hard on it FIRST then sent it to me, but other than that I've been thrilled with my O purchases).  Because I've staged quite a few places in the last several months, my inventory of cool pieces have dwindled to a Hello Kitty lamp and sad woven rug that smells more like an old wig and less like the home it came out of.  So, desperate times call for overstock measures.  I needed a tasteful, simple sofa to fill a quaint cottage den, so after driving around the greater Hudson Valley and netting nothing, I came home and traveled the world wide web to where I found the above for $350.  With free delivery and guaranteed in less than a week, this little place can go from bleak to chic at the click of a mouse!