Monday, May 12, 2014


Sometimes finding the right paint color is about as difficult as choosing a life partner.  Sure they might lure you in under the filter of perfect lighting in the big bad world, but once you bring them home they just don't work.  While breaking up is hard to do, changing a paint color is not.  After a lovely weekend of enjoying the gorgeous colors of spring on the Atlantic coast, I walked into a clients home this morning to find dark moods over bright colors.  Here's my tip to choosing the perfect color: lower your expectations and, more importantly, dial yourself down!  It's paint.  Not a pre-nup!  I'm kicking myself, however, for not taking the steps to avoid this misstep.  My client loved the yellow on the walls in this room when she saw it on a paint swatch.  I did not.  Paint swatches are bits of manufactured color printed on paper.  When placed on a wall they are as different as the lighting in a bar on a Friday night and your bedroom on a Saturday morning.  To avoid shock and disappointment, take a few steps before committing to one color:
1.) Narrow down your 50 samples to your top 4 choices.
2.) Buy small samples.  Lowes, Home Depot and everyone but your ex sell these.
3.) Paint a large swath on your walls in different areas..NOT on the same walls.  Observe them for at least 24 hours in morning and evening light. If you still are questioning your choices, head over to step 4.) Grab a piece of sheetrock as this is the best indication of what a color will look like on your walls.  Home Depot and Lowes often have smaller discards (4'x4').  Paint these and place them around your room.  And then…COMIT TO A COLOR.  And remember.  It's only paint.  It's not forever.