Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Is it really Tuesday already?  Why do the longer weekends always fly by in the blink of an eye?  As the unofficial start to summer, I officially did next to nothing this weekend and loved every minute of it!  That isn't to say I didn't stop thinking about the ten different projects I'm working on, the pending deadlines, tile I need to order for client X, fabric I need to deliver to Manhattan tomorrow, painters I need to scream at for not painting two coats, outdoor furniture I need to order…and the list goes on and on and on.  Instead of letting Calgon take me away, I escaped into the colorful, soothing pages of several design magazines that have piled up on our coffee tables this winter.  Page after page took me to glamorous places like Tahiti, the south of France, the beaches of Greece and the wandering paths of Rome, showcasing bejeweled palaces, opulent apartments and marvelous mansions.  What I didn't see on this fantastic journey through magazine design heaven, was anything close to the land of the living where I reside and work.  Why is that, exactly?  I understand that fashion magazines like Vogue, which showcase more Avant-garde designs than mainstream, provide escapism for the viewer, but I would love JUST ONCE to see a home featured in a magazine that A.) I could picture myself living in and/or B.) I could actually afford.  As my mind wandered, I noticed a snake slither off behind our outdoor sofa, and just like that I snapped back to my reality.  I don't design for magazines, I design for real people with real budgets.  One suggestion I had for a client a few weeks ago who wanted to transform her bedroom without spending a fortune, was to add a wall of curtains behind her bed.  Yes, my friend, you too…sitting there reading this blog…can transform a room by simply adding CURTAINS.  The top example is a simple solution for a dramatic change.  Buy a curtain rod and fun curtains (believe it or not Target and Ikea have great, inexpensive curtains), add tie backs (or use fun drawer pulls or nobs, mount them to the wall and use them to pull curtains back). For a different look and to create the illusion of windows where none existed, you can hang curtains behind nightstands with lamps to create drama, interest and intrigue.  While I can't design a beach house for you for less than the cost of lunch,  I can help transform a room for the price of a Happy Meal!