Wednesday, April 30, 2014


While fighting the spring time allergy fun this weekend, I kicked back on the sofa and caught up on some much needed TV-time.  One show in particular made me laugh..a New York based "hip, hot, and always on-trend" program that featured two things I've been talking about for YEARS…not to toot my own horn, but I have the dates here to prove it!  What's the hottest trend in staging on the New York real estate scene? That would be temporary wallpaper, something I've used many, many times in staging to get that much needed POP without blasting the budget (rolls average $65 and can be found just about anywhere..just search Amazon for "temporary wallpaper").  The other huge trend in the snooty Hamptons…MELAMINE DISHES.  Yep, yet another one of my favorites and something I use year-round.  Several years ago I was obsessed with a line that the designer Orla Kiely sold in a limited run at Target.  Naturally, I bought 86 pieces and use them all the time.  The melamine craze got so popular they're showing up everywhere from Target and Walmart to Kohls and Bergdorf Goodmad…you read that right…Bergdorfs is now selling MELAMINE!  What this proved to me (and, no, not that I'm ahead of the trend, but…) is that cool designs and hot trends don't have to cost a fortune!  Yep, it's a simple as that on this hump day, folks!  AND READ MORE OF MY BLOGS…especially if you've just started reading!  Go back, I have some pretty cool ideas.  And there are many more to come…now back to work!