Monday, April 28, 2014


While I love getting emails from you about everything from putting magazine racks in the bathroom (NEVER) to placing scented candles on a dining room table (again, NEVER do that), please refrain from sending me a reminder message that I've posted this photo before…while I might be losing many things these days, I'm not losing IT yet!  As we roll out of a long, cold winter and into the rumbling skies of spring, I'm constantly reminded (as our lights flicker on and off) how often we lose power in our area.  When the lights go off, I like to be prepared!  Over the holidays Lands End offered a solar powered and crank-operated (wind the handle to operate) weather device that not only provided weather notices, but acted as a flashlight and cellphone charger to boot!  A quick search on Amazon found even better products with radios, flashing distress lights, compasses, flashlights and the necessary cellphone charger…all either battery operated or solar powered.  DO YOURSELF A FAVOR NOW: If you love your home take steps NOW to protect you and IT in case of an emergency.  Have you changed your smoke detector batteries? Do you have carbon monoxide detectors? Is there a fire extinguisher in your kitchen (I also have in our laundry room, and in at least two rooms on each level of the house).  Do you have an emergency plan for you and your family? If you aren't sure about any of the above, act NOW and take care of these necessities, then continue reading my entertaining blog!  As I was driving home from Connecticut today through a lovely neighborhood, the radio was buzzing about wicked weather heading our way (hence my alert above to get prepared), but I also noticed something else as I rolled past mansion after mansion…it was a little after noon and everyone's front porch lights were on AND many lights could be seen illuminated in the houses from the road.  What did this tell me? The people weren't home and probably weren't going to be back until after dark.  Chances are it would tell a burglar the same thing.  I believe neighborhoods are only as safe as the idiots driving through them, so on this PREPARE YOURSELF, I'M MANIC THIS MONDAY let's think about one more way to protect your home.  We all work, we all have busy lives, but the last thing you want at the end of the day is to find that you've been robbed.  Home Depot, Target and even your grocery store sell plug-in timers for both indoors and out.  Setting timers for your lights to come on after dark is not only a bright idea, it's one that will keep the bad guys away!