Friday, April 4, 2014


One of the things I love about living an hour north of Manhattan is the access I have to just about anything one could need for just about everything imaginable.  The other thing I love about living an hour north of Manhattan, well, is living an hour north of Manhattan!  I'm a huge fan of Project Runway and one of the stars each season is the fabulous fabric store MOOD located in the heart of the garment district in New York City.  Host Tim Gunn exits Mood each time with his jovial, "thankssss Mood" and this week I, too, was thankful to Mood for several reasons.  I love the energy and vibe of the store and the fabric is incredible, but the second I saw the prices of some of my favorite picks I fell into a different kind of mood!  To pick myself up and make my client happy, I thanked everyone for rebooting my creative juices then headed north, about an hour, to a much more affordable fabric store…HOME DEPOT.  I've done this little trick before and I'm doing it again, covering old accent chairs with drop cloths purchased at the hardware store.  For under $20 for a large drop cloth I was able to recover six chairs with leftover fabric!  If the desert tan hue doesn't please you, head to the arts and crafts store and grab some heavy duty fabric dye and make it the color of your choice.  The fabric is strong, easy to work with, perfect for an accent chair or throw pillows and, at least for this happy client, put them in one heckuvah excellent mood!
I'm sure you're still thinking I'm nuts for buying fabric at the Home Depot, but wipe that smirk off your face and head on over to the paint aisle.  I've used these as outdoor curtains (by attaching grommets at the top), recovered outdoor pillows, stretched one across a fence in southern California to use as a screen for a vintage movie projector, strung one from a few trees to create a protective canopy….and the list goes on and on and on.  If you still doubt my little fabric find, fine, head to Mood and spend enough dough on fabric to make even the most grouchy New Yorker smile!