Wednesday, April 16, 2014


It's hump day, and at least for me, today feels like a thousand Mondays.  I'm at the point in the design process with one client where it's time to bring the project in for a landing, sprinkle finishing touches here and there, hang artwork and otherwise wrap a pretty bow around everything I've done.  The only problem is we've also reached the end of the design budget, and as lovely as my client is, her art is better suited for a gas station bathroom wall or the gift shop walls at Cracker Barrel (as she admits herself).  Frustrated and totally exhausted (and it's only Wednesday) I headed to where any other burned out creative mind would…Starbucks.  As I sipped my non-fat, vanilla latte with extra caff, I surfed my social networks for random updates and inspiration.  And there it was…another creative mind from across the country offering advice to someone else (yet another reason why I love SOME social media outlets) a simple app called WATERLOGUE.  After downloading the $2.99 app to your smartphone or tablet (works both for Apple and Android products) you can turn any photo in your albums into beautiful watercolors.  Want to turn your favorite childhood vacation photo into a watercolor and print it for framing? Simply scan the photo (if you don't own a scanner, places like walmart, Target, CVS, and Walgreens will do it for you) then upload it to your smartphone, open the App and in less than five seconds you've created your very own Monet!  Just about the only thing I like about walmart is the photo shop, which I blogged about last year.  Email them a photo and they'll turn it into a beautiful Canvas for less than $10!  You don't have to be an artsy-fartsy folk to have cool prints on your walls!