Monday, April 14, 2014


I know Mondays are about as exciting as a root canal or watching the Republican convention, but I always try to hit the ground running in a positive direction at the beginning of the work week.  This morning was no different, because when I looked down at one clients floors I got a great idea for another clients bar.  Yes, my friends, on this Taxmus Eve, while many people sweat over writing a big check to Uncle Sam, I came up with a great way to save money for my client Sammy.
Maybe you won't have Roger Rabbit hopping on your bar this weekend, but flooring is a great alternative for unique counter applications, especially on a bar (and it takes a beating).  To save money for a client with an unfinished bar in their basement, I hopped on over to Lumber Liquidators and purchased a box of unfinished wood flooring for under $30 (the kind that snaps together).  I also grabbed a can of Rustoleum whitewash stain and can of poly, a few throw away brushes and several hours later turned an old drab bar into one worthy of a Monday Happy Hour crowd!