Wednesday, March 19, 2014


For some reason this week has seemed endless, maybe it's the weather or the fact that we are in one of "those" months with nothing terribly noteworthy to push us on through.  My apologies, by the way, if you're a March baby, but just about every other month has something…even if it's one little day off, a change in time, a new season or a holiday…just something. The final days of winter often feel like an eternity (and if you live somewhere with weather, you know what I'm talking about).  It's like listening to someone ramble on and on after you've had an incredibly long day and you want to scream JUST SAY IT ALREADY, or the last few hours of an international flight when you just want to get there, sitting in traffic, listening to a boring speech or, if you're like me, watching a football game…endless, painful and totally agonizing.  In these moments of pure frustration my mind tends to it did yesterday while waiting for a client at a furniture store.  I passed the time (and calmed myself down) by laughing at the many different things I've learned since moving to the east coast, some interesting, some simply useless information.  East coasters say "pocket book" instead of purse, you wait ON LINE here rather than IN line, in New York my name is PWALLL instead of Paul.  When my client finally arrived and interrupted my daydreaming, she apologized for being forty five minutes late by saying, "I was doing this, that and the next thing."  So, today, I'm blogging about this, that and the next thing!  I learned the fine art of FORCING when I moved to New York…before certain plants bloom, like forsythia above, simply cut branches and place it in water.  A few days later it starts to bloom and creates incredible hues of yellow and that important reminder that spring is just around the corner!  Probably categorized under THIS AND THAT is the next photo of an egg sandwich.  While watching the Today show this morning a chef came on with a quick, simple idea, so I tried it and it was indeed yummy!  Prepare eggs the way you would if making an omelet, place a few pieces of cheese on bread, after eggs are cooked place on bread and then put bread back on griddle as though making a grilled cheese sandwich.  Simple, easy and perfectly delicious comfort food.  Stop worrying about this, that and the next thing..Spring is just around the bend!