Monday, March 10, 2014


Sure the weather outside is still frightful, but isn't it delightful to think that spring is just around the corner?  As much as I adore winter I'm starting to feel like he's overstayed his welcome just a bit, so to get the spring back in a few clients steps I'm whipping up some bright ideas to lighten up every one's mood!  While a kitchen renovation can be an incredibly arduous and expensive undertaking, sprucing things up with paint is as easy as heading to the hardware store, choosing a color you love and going to town…or your kitchen, in this case!  One way to give an otherwise bland kitchen a dramatic update is to use two different colors on the upper and lower cabinets (let's not go crazy here, though, you aren't designing a brothel or Mexican restaurant, so keep colors calm and monochromatic).  Both examples above were clean, simple, totally unoffensive kitchens to begin with (read: BORING) but introducing a cool grey to one or a splash of sea foam blue to the other took these spaces from bench warmers to staring players!  If you're still freezing in your neck of the woods like we are, come up with some hot ideas and welcome spring with a little bling!