Monday, March 24, 2014


Morning chat shows make me cringe.  I'm a news junkie and love watching today's headlines while sipping a lovely cup of coffee, but in the last few years morning shows have evolved into traffic jams of nonsense, gravitating towards Jerry Springer rather than Walter Cronkite.  If you've just told me about a devastating blast in the middle east, do I really need to see you yak it up with Chef Blah about making the perfect burger? ANSWER: NO!  The life raft of morning news I choose to grab onto is the Today Show, far less cheesy than the babbling bimbos on the other networks, but still mildly annoying…the introduction of the orange room this season? Really? Why on earth do I need to see what Susie in Kansas has to say about pop culture before 7:30 in the morning!  While boiling over a steaming cup of coffee this morning, though, I got an idea while Carson rambled on about the statistics of people who eat salt vs. sugar…it's grey and nasty outside, so why not add a little pop of ORANGE to jazz things up a bit? TWEET me, post of my Facebook page or hashtag whatever to me if you like a little pop of WOW color.  And guess what?  It's easier to add color than it is to find reasonable, no-nonsense news in the morning!
Two simple tricks to add zing to your zang is to buy a tiny can of bold colored paint and add little pops here and there.  One of my favorite spots is to paint the back of bookshelves (and if you hate it and don't feel like painting over it today, just let the books hide your mistake) also I love to run into an arts and crafts store and buy large, blank canvases for less than $20.  When my mood changes, I can change the color and in so doing add that necessary buzz I need when I walk into my room!