Friday, March 14, 2014


Well we made it to Friday and you know what that means, it's time to start spring cleaning, open those windows and freshen up your house a bit!  I promise not to mention a word about how cold and snowy our winter has been on the east coast, but it really is shocking how different our lives are after leaving Southern California.  One of the only signs winter has arrived in LA is when people start wearing UGG Boots with their shorts or covering up their cleavage just a bit, on the east coast it's a different story entirely.  So after six months of cold weather (and a few more to go) the easiest way to brighten your spirits and put a spring back in your winter step is to perform mini-makeovers from time to time.  Paint a wall here, add a colorful vase there, toss some pillows on the sofa or add a punch of vibrant color to your floor.  I love strolling the aisles of Target or Ikea for fun vases and fillers, I'll pick my favorite page from a design magazine from the past few months and just go with the color and when I want to spruce up my floor I go to FLOR.COM for the easiest, most dramatic way to create one-of-a- kind rugs without breaking the bank.  Flor sells 24" square rug tiles that can easily be mixed and matched with thousands of colors and patterns.  Best of all, if you have pets, kids or adult children living at home FLOR carpet tiles can be easily lifted and cleaned (they don't glue to the floor).  Next time you're feeling blue how about heading over to and picking a beautiful shade of blue for your floor?