Monday, March 17, 2014


Sure it's only 22 degrees outside today, but spring is right around the corner and I'm not going to let a little frigid temperature wave get me down!  It's St. Patricks day which means everyone on the east coast is either drunk, in a bar, wearing green or drunk in a bar wearing green.  To warm our spirits, I decided to make some yummy cocktails which reminded me of some great little tips I use in summer drinks.
While I can't wait for the snow and ice to melt outside, inside I love to make up batches of fun ice cubes to add to cocktails.  Here are just a few things I do:
1.) To make a martini extra special I take an ice tray and fill half of it with olive juice (our store now carries a jar of just olive juice, perfect for those who enjoy dirty martinis) and with the other half I make regular ice cubes but add olives to the water.  When I fill a glass with vodka I drop in the cubes according to how dirty the guest enjoys their tini and add a fun olive stuffed cube, too!
2.) We love a good margarita and sometimes enjoy tequila straight up!  To add a delicious twist I make ice cubes out of Trop 50 Limeaide (lower calorie lime juice) and drop them into a glass of tequila with a salted rim!
3.) I make trays of cranberry juice and orange juice and drop those in vodka/soda combinations in the summer.
4.) For the kiddos I'll make ice cubes with cherries or gummy bears or worms then drop them in seven up which guarantees a big grin on their faces!