Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Last week when Mother Nature had one big ole tizzy, we were stuck in our home for two days buried under two feet of snow and ice, unable to hit the grocery store for much needed supplies.  After searching our cupboards for some comfort food, I started to feel like a member of the Donner party snowbound in the Sierra Nevada starving, searching for something good to eat.  Then I happened upon this box of hash brown potatoes my mother brought for Thanksgiving (as a joke) from Trader Joes.  Who needs to turn to cannibalism when you can just add water?  While a perfect treat for camping, this little box of hash made for one helluvah bash!  Like the box says, add water, wait a few minutes and serve!  While I stock up on more boxes of hash browns for the next power outage or winter storm, it's also a great time to update batteries in smoke detectors, flashlights and emergency kits…you never know when the little things will come in handy big time!