Monday, February 10, 2014


The last few days have found me busily preparing for spring in two different houses, one I'm designing and one that I'm living in.  One home, on the corner of freezing and too much snow already, I've completely redesigned several rooms from the baseboards up and we've just reached the point of no returning of furniture, where most of my clients start saying "are you sure we should have ordered that piece?"  To calm rapidly beating hearts, I pulled an old trick out of my sleeve…I bought a roll of brown paper from the hardware store, painters tape and a big marker, and made templates to mirror the sizes of the new pieces I've ordered.  To avoid a traffic jam of furniture and strong opinions, I placed the templates all over the house, indicating where I would place the pieces once the arrived.  After a few tweaks, everyone was happy..or maybe that was after a few sips of a yummy martini!  In another home, on the opposite side of town, I stumbled through our garage searching for summer dishes (don't ask).  While spring seems worlds away (apparently another winter storm will drop up to a foot of snow in our neighborhood this week) we are all ready thanks to a little prep work in the fall.  On the east coast we remove our screens to drop our winter storm windows, and often spring brings days of hassle and frustration trying to fit everyone back into its proper resting place.  Thanks to a handy little label maker, we will be ahead of the curve this year.  I labeled each screen and sorted them by room in our garage, so when the snow finally melts we will be ready to set up the outdoor furniture, turn on the grill and enjoy the great outdoors!