Friday, February 21, 2014


This is an old photo, but I share it again for a few reasons; first, this is how I imagined people would use my blog…as a reference point when approaching certain home projects, facing a move, planning a party or cooking a dinner for twelve.  I'm also sharing it again because, frankly, I like it and used it today with a client.  As a sidebar (and I have many) my mother always taught us to befriend the security guards in the buildings where we worked because they would become crucial players in our daily lives, helping find the lost item, directing us to safety, etc.  In this case it wasn't the security guard I befriended, but the owner of the local liquor store.  Last year I noticed a stack of wine crates stacked next to his front door.  I asked if I could buy one to which he kindly offered all of them to me at no cost.  I took several and spent the better part of my weekend organizing the heck out of our house.  I used one to create a raised platform for our senior citizen dog (placing her bowls on top, preventing her from leaving too far over) and the others I placed in one part of our garage as storage spaces for gardening tools, pots, etc.  My client today asked for help in her basement where she thought it just needed a little something.  Behind a bar in one corner, I hung two wine crates and placed her wine glasses and fun bar tchotchkes in the cubbies.  On another wall, near her pool table, I placed two other crates hanging at opposing angles, which created great storage spots for drinks, chalk, etc.  To tie in the whole look in the very large space, I placed two more wine crates (these I spray painted ocean blue) next to her sofa as coffee tables.  When I revealed the space and she asked how I came up with the idea I simply said, "a little whine goes a long way…"