Friday, February 28, 2014


Staging houses can often be a double edged sword; the key is to make the house look as good as possible, especially in photos, but sometimes the tricks of the staging trade leave homeowners scratching their heads.  Staging, I explain to clients, is almost the opposite of design as it is literally setting the stage to sell a house, removing personal touches (family photos, religious paraphernalia, etc.) to make the space appeal to a broad audience.  I use many of the tricks I've learned in set design for television and film in staging…faux paint finishes, dummy curtains, temporary wallpaper and fake windows (you've got to be careful with certain elements…the goal is not to trick the buyer, but to show the house in its best possible light).  Many Realtors say kitchens and baths sell homes and sometimes the tiniest of details can make or break a look.  For example, back splashes are either loved or hated by house hunters.  To spruce up a dull kitchen many times I will use stick-tiles found at just about any hardware store.  In less than an hour and for under $20 a kitchen can go from drab to bold (and sold)!
I often create 3x5 info cards when I stage a home so the brokers walking through can get a cliff notes version of the shining elements in the home…double sinks in the kitchen, sauna tub, new roof, etc….the things easily overlooked.  Also, when I add something like a back splash I know it might not appeal to everyone, so leave a little card just in case so the realtor can say, "oh, these are only temporary and can be removed without damage to the wall!"  Cover your bases properly and you're guaranteed to hit a home run!