Monday, February 24, 2014


Some of our favorite shows took a little hiatus during the Olympics, so why shouldn't I?  Sorry, I've been pretty busy organizing other peoples lives to take a minute to sort out mine…particularly as it relates to adding new, exciting blog entries, but there's nothing wrong with reflection, right?  Joe walked through our garage this weekend and stopped in his tracks and said those words I dread hearing; "where the heck did all of this stuff come from?"  With several homes I've staged selling (thankfully) all of that "stuff" is coming back ten-fold, in fact, as Joe so eloquently pointed out, our garage is starting to look like a consignment shop.  One of the realtors commented (and complimented) about how the houses I stage actually look lived in, rather than "staged" which is always my goal.  To kill time between meetings a few days ago I popped into an estate sale where I discovered a sea of treasures.  Every item I see I typically come up with ten new lives for it…the empty frame could become new trim for a dull medicine cabinet or, if a piece of glass and handles are added, a neat serving tray.  A wire trash can could be screwed to a wall to display towels (after cleaning, of course), old cd's can be flipped over, glued together on a board and used as a modern mirror (opposite side from label is shiny, reflective surface) and that nasty, old Volkswagen car hood? Mount it to the wall as art!  And yes, that random, antique steps tool might just make the perfect nightstand in an old farmhouse! Are you beginning to see how this curiosity in repurposing items can also be a curse?