Wednesday, January 8, 2014


This week feels like an artsy movie or play everyone and her brother told me was "fabulous" but I just can't get into.  Which reminds me, I tried watching "Silver Linings Playbook" several times this holiday (after two failed attempts on an airplane last year) and, I'm sorry, but I just don't get it! Sure, Bradley Cooper was nominated for an Oscar or Golden Globe or both, but it was totally and completely lost on me!  I digress…as I stumble to find my footing this week, I'm faced with that task many of us are after the holidays of putting it all away.  I've often struggled with what to do with Christmas cards…you hate to toss them, but what the heck are you going to do with them??  As they arrive throughout the holiday I punch a hole in them and hang them with ornament hooks on a bakers rack in our kitchen so we can catch the smiles of our friends and loved ones as we bake and gab away.  But after the ball drops on New Years I'm always stumped…or, I should say, WAS stumped until I came up with an idea a few years ago to treasure my favorite cards.  Family photo cards with pictures of nieces or my cousins kids I started putting into a photo album dedicated to Christmas cards, and something I bring out every year.  Funny cards and others I love (like all of the vintage trailer ones I get) I punch holes in and place binder rings through the holes (A set of 20 binder rings sells for $2).  During the holidays I can bring them out and place them around for everyone to flip conversation pieces, a great way to honor them and a nice way to escape the guilt of tossing someones hard work away!