Monday, January 13, 2014


Nope, I don't make New Years resolutions, instead I try to come up with simple solutions to make life a little easier every day.  As we roll off of another weekend that was far too short and leap into a hectic work week, I find myself dipping back into my tip jar for a couple of cool solutions I've discovered in organization and design.  I will admit I have yet to disassemble Christmas.  I just can't face it.  It's not an issue of feeling blue about doing it, it's more like the feeling you get the night before a big test or speech when you realize you're completely overwhelmed, but too tired to think about it.  It's these moments..TWO MONTHS after I dragged it all out of its tucked-in spot, that I take inventory of everything I have in the decoration department and realize, wowzah, I've got a lot of sh*t!  But that's okay, I love every single bit of it!  Because I have several trees, I make sure I keep it all together by grouping them together.  For example, each tree is stored in a separate tree bag (purchased at Lowes or Home Depot after the holidays) and each bag contains the accompanying tree skirt, lights, extension cords and power strips.  Each tree also has dedicated bins for ornaments and to keep the tangled mess of lights organized I use pieces of cardboard to wrap them up.  I've used this next tip many times, too, and today I'm using it again in a clients guest bedroom to create an eye-catching, inexpensive yet striking headboard.  By placing a door sideways and placing molding on top of it, a beautiful finish to a comfy bed is achieved and the perfect spot to rest my head after a long day of de-Christmasing!