Friday, January 17, 2014


The weather man just announced that a series of Alberta Clippers are heading our way.  When we first moved to the east coast from California, I thought Alberta Clippers were a basketball team from Canada…yes, bless my heart…I quickly learned that they are incredibly cold, fast moving snow storms that sweep down from Canada (Alberta, to be exact) and zip across the northeast, dumping snow as they jog across the country.  So, as the cold winds blow outside I've decided to take on a little project of warming things up a bit in our house by using things only found in our garage.  Last summer I picked up an inexpensive table at an estate sale I thought would be perfect for staging (I believe it was less than $10).  On a recent trip to the Home Depot I found a discarded can of paint (remember I've blogged a about this places like Home Depot and Lowes where they pre-mix paint for people, many times customers walk off, never picking up the paint..those cans are then marked down 75%, so even if it's a color you normally wouldn't try, for a few bucks, why not??).  This tangerine color piqued my interest as I thought it would look stunning painted on the back portion of a book shelf (if the bookshelf was painted in a high gloss white or light blue), so I grabbed the can and put it in our garage.  Craving sunshine today, I decided to test it on the table and I was pleasantly surprised by the results.  The key to painting furniture…clean it…sand it lightly..and have fun.  If you're bored with a room or piece of furniture (or just need a little spring in your step) grab a can of paint and have at it, you might just love what you see!