Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Mix and Match, don't Match!

Today's pop-culture quiz: what was one of the most requested items to install in homes across the country, no matter what style architecture, in 2013?? RECLAIMED WOOD!  Yep, it doesn't matter if you trend towards mid-century modern (using reclaimed wood in furniture), traditional (exposed reclaimed wood beams), contemporary (reclaimed wood doors) or modern farmhouses, it showed up everywhere in many applications.  If you desire a little wood in your home, my only suggestion (as it is with just about everything) is to approach it in moderation.  The photo above is a home in upstate New York where the client wanted a touch of country in their modern farmhouse. While some people's interpretation of "country" is a myriad of duck decoys and wicker baskets, mine is not.  Moderation, sometimes, is the best way to make a huge impact, so reclaimed wood boards from a two-hundred year old farmhouse were used on the island to take this kitchen from bland to brand-new.
If you are dying to add a little history to your home by adding reclaimed wood pieces, google businesses in your area.  Many companies take wood from structures that have been raised and sell them either as finished pieces (tables, doors, etc.) or individually.  At an estate sale  few weeks ago I stumbled upon several old picture frames wrapped in (what appeared to be) hundred year old wood, so I grabbed them all for under $50 and plan on using them as trim on a coffee table..stay tuned for the reveal in a few weeks.