Monday, January 6, 2014


For whatever reason, when I think back to the Friday before Christmas just two weeks ago, it feels like months have passed.  I always knew this particular Monday was a tough one (the first day back to work after the holidays for many of us) but little did I know it's been marked the most depressing day of the year (by some magazine, but who really cares)! Whether you're ticked off about the weather or not feeling so glee about taking down your tree, SNAP out of it! The holidays will be back sooner than you think, trust me!  Many of my friends think all I do since moving to the east coast is talk about the weather, but truth told, it dictates what we can and can't do many days.  If a thunderstorm is approaching in the summer, forget the barbecue or painting outside, and if it's cold and snowy, well all bets for enjoying the great outdoors are off!  Today it is dipping well below freezing (apparently close to -20 with the windchill) so I've decided to work inside on a sunny, lovely living room space.  This client asked me to incorporate her whitewashed, shabby-chic furniture in the design, but was desperately seeking warmer tones in an already chilly space.  Because she was afraid to commit to an entire room of wallpaper, I coaxed her into the idea (and saved on the budget) by simply placing a smaller piece on a large wall and framing it.  If she despises it in a few years she can remove the paper and paint inside and still have an architecturally interesting focal point on the wall.  For now, as I stare out the window at the cold streets below, the warm tones of yellow catapult me to a much, much happier place.
I love using this wallpaper trick in bedrooms, too, where people are unsure what to do behind a bed.  In lieu of a headboard, for example, using a piece of wallpaper adds drama and interest.  In this example above, on a wall of 20' long and 10' high, a piece of wallpaper of 10' long by 6' high was placed on the center of the wall (with wallpaper glue) and framed with simple trim from the Home Depot.  If wallpaper still freaks you out or is too expensive, simply paint inside the framed area for an equally beautiful result!