Monday, December 2, 2013


Just like all of you, I'm sure, I have been a busy bee with Thanksgiving prep, decorating, entertaining guests and just when you thought it couldn't get crazier, we've only got THREE weeks until Christmas..WHAT?  Okay, taking a deep breath for just a second…and enjoying the moment.  Because, just like everything in life, it will chug right along before you know it.  One of my favorite little tricks to do to keep the house smelling fresh and fabulous (most of my trees are artificial, with one real downstairs) is to add fresh garland and wreaths throughout the house.  Home Depot sells a 13' stretch of garland for $12.95, so I chop it up and place it on banisters, ledges and tables around the house.  I also like placing fresh wreaths inside our windows because they're not only beautiful, when the sun hits them it ignites the fresh smell and reminds me over and over how much I love this magical season!