Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Before Thanksgiving I offered a tip to keep young guests busy at festive gatherings, and believe me it comes in handy to have projects to keep those little hands occupied!  As we approach a busy three weeks of holiday parties, family festivities, etc. it truly helps to keep the little ones happy.  When I saw this project on the pages of Martha Stewart living years ago I thought she was totally nuts, then I tried it and couldn't believe how FUN and EASY it was to accomplish.  So, if you have lovely little elves coming to visit..OR if you need fun hostess gifts for holiday parties, try this little tip and you'll be a huge hit!
To make your own snow globe all you need is a jar (I use old mason jars or cool martini olive jars), epoxy glue, glitter and a fun plastic object.  A stroll through Michaels arts and crafts found many for me and even Target had cool little plastic Christmas trees…I've also used old ornaments, etc.  Once you find a fun object, sand the inside of the jar cover so epoxy will stick.  Glue object to it and let sit for at least an hour.  Fill jar with distilled water and glitter (not too much or glitter will clump) then screw on top and THERE YOU GO!!!