Monday, December 9, 2013


I'm starting to feel like the town floozy because I've been in more houses lately than I can count!  It seems like more people have been putting their homes on the market this year and many have chosen to stage them (a good idea if you really want your place to pop for potential buyers).  Sometimes I'll work with a client to edit personal belongings, rearrange furniture, get rid of older pieces and generally tidy things up, and often I'll fill a house with new pieces, especially in rooms that are hard to define.  If you think it was difficult to arrange your room chances are potential buyers will feel the same, so spoon feeding good space planning ideas is always a good thing!  While I've shared many of my staging tips here, this is yet another one I use over and over…to dress up large windows and warm the space up a bit, I often hang curtains (best deals can be found at Ikea..don't be fooled by the 20% off coupon from Bed Bath & Beyond, even after the discount the prices are much higher than most chain stores and significantly more than Ikea..curtains above were $15/pair).  This window in particular was 135" wide which would mean I'd have to purchase extra curtains and a huge rod to cover the entire window.  To save big on the budget and from putting too many holes on freshly painted walls, I simply purchased the smallest curtain rod I could find at Target for $2.99 and placed one on each side of the window, hanging a curtain on each.  While this wouldn't make a lot of sense in a lived-in home, for staging purposes it's great, looks nice, costs less than $30 for the entire window and leaves little damage behind when the house sells.  If you're looking for more form and less function in your window decor, this is also a great option for dressing up drab windows.  This house is officially ready for its close-up!