Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Today felt like ten Monday's as I frantically ran through our house looking for clean socks, shoes that matched my belt and a nice warm winter coat that didn't wreak of mothballs.  Racing to make the train into the city on time, I dashed into my closet to get a freshly laundered pair of pants…only to find them crunched in a ball at the bottom of my closet resting on top of a pair of shoes with city filth on the bottom. Ugh.  I forgot to follow my own tip of putting felt tips on hangars to keep pants from slipping off of them (the kind you put on the bottom of your dining room chairs to keep from scratching the floors).  Because I buy new packs of wooden hangars every time I go to Ikea, I'd forgotten to add the felt tips to the latest batch…next time I'm pressed to find my newly ironed pants, hopefully they'll be hanging out waiting for me!