Friday, November 8, 2013


Once upon a time we've all pulled our chairs up to the kids table, so why not make that story a lot more interesting for the little ones this year. While the adults like to linger over appetizers, a warm fire and a lovely cocktail, the kiddos just want to eat and move on with things.  Whether helping a family with kids move, designing a kid-friendly home or planning a party where kids will inevitably take center stage, I like to make them the stars in their own little world.  Believe it or not, it's far less expensive than you might think to entertain the little ones…no, they don't all need iPads and video games, sometimes a box of Crayolas and big imaginations will do the trick!  Arts and crafts stores sell reams of brown paper, but a little trick I use to save a little dough for cooking…head to the Home Depot and pick up the same ream (often more paper, actually) sold as drop cloths in the paint department.  Roll it out onto the table and let the kids express how they feel in color!
When the kids get itchy about five minutes after arriving, I like to get them involved in the process.  While I will have the paper already set up on the table, I have a section in the kitchen with unbreakable dishes waiting for them to set the table as they wish.  I might have a "pretend" pie crust with fillings or other easy-to-make appetizers to keep little hands busy, I'll have an already hallowed out pumpkin and decorations so they can decorate their little hearts out.  If parents don't mind (I always ask ahead of time) I have miniature Christmas trees waiting in the wings for each little guest to decorate after dinner and take home (small trees at the dollar store are perfect..and, guess what..they're a DOLLAR..and little collections of ornaments are also a dollar).  This year sit back, relax and enjoy the fun spirit of the holiday and the little guests swirling around it.