Monday, November 25, 2013


Oh wowzah, it's here…the Monday of Thanksgiving week.  Next week we will be in high Christmas holiday shopping and decorating frazzeldness (yup, I've already got two trees up and decorations outside so my family coming in from the west coast can enjoy the splendor with us).  Because we have a house load of people descending upon us, I start the prep work weeks before…and I'm a little nutty, so that comes in to play just a tad.  In the room I'm putting my parents in I've added little touches like bottled water on the night stands, iPads with directions how to use, I've photocopied the remote controls and given clear directions on how to turn on, etc. and left fresh slippers and towels by everyone's bed side.  Because Mr. Weatherman has predicted a hum-dinger for this week, I've also prepped for the mud and muck that follows (well, at least as much as one can prepare).  In our front hall I've created separate hooks for each guest with umbrellas, scarves, gloves and warming pads (purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond for a few dollars) and I've also left little notes in each room reminding guests that our in-house security guard (Canyon, the dog) enjoys snooping, so please put all medicine, candy, etc out of pets reach.  Simple, little things that help lower my stress and hopefully make my guests feel comfortable and at home.  Now bring on the holidays (and the candy cane martini!)