Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Let's face it, unless you live in a monastery (and if you do, chances are you aren't reading this) you've got crap, and possibly, piles of it!  A daily challenge for many of us is how to keep it all in order, out of the way and, well, organized!  The best way to start getting things together in any room is to makes lists, so to help a busy family of five this week I started in their pantry.  The lady of the house complained that paper-written lists for groceries kept disappearing under the dog dish, so to keep it front and center I did something not terribly unique...I used chalkboard paint on the inside of the pantry door and hung pieces of chalk from string on the door handle so little hands can't walk away with it.  My little twist...ask your local hardware store to tint chalkboard paint to any color you desire.  That way, instead of an ugly blackboard, you can blend your list with a color, like lovely mist!