Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Believe it or not, kiddos, sometimes it IS better to stand out in a crowd rather than blending in with the blah background! I'm enjoying my sixth fall season on the east coast and I couldn't love it more.  Maybe it's the art historian in me, the non-stop designer brain in hyper-overload mode or just the incredibly gorgeous landscape outside our windows changing daily that inspires me.  Whatever it is, it is incredible to watch nature run its course right before my eyes.  From late September to the end of October, the rolling hills of the Hudson Valley transform from rich, dark greens to their grey winter coats, traveling a cornucopia of remarkable hues, zig-zagging the color chart like a hyper puppy searching for a treat.  Martha Stewart once created an entire line of paints inspired by colors in the eggs she found in her chicken coop (ohhhh Martha), and if I had an empire I'd do the same with the colors I see right outside my window in the fall. NEWSFLASH..color, contrary to popular belief, is not scary folks.  It's soothing, rich and wonderful.  Sometimes bright colors can be a bit shocking when a paintbrush lands in the wrong hands, but when used in moderation, color alone can create its own statement piece in a room.  Take this rather drab landing with typical 70's built-in cabinets.  By adding bright, sunny yellow in a high gloss finish (high gloss is the key to the dramatic spin here) the cabinet stands out like lovely fall trees on the horizon.  And, in the cold, dark months of winter, these cabinets will remind everyone walking by that sunny times are just around the corner.