Friday, September 13, 2013


Before I start rambling...urrrr, uhmm...speaking eloquently...about today's little topic, just a quick tip from this weeks jar.  So, you know I've been cooking up a storm in my slow cooker (and have loved every minute of it) but most recipes called for a minute (or several) of microwave pre-cooking.  This meant by today the inside of my microwave looked like the inside of a babies diaper.  Not pretty!  I've tipped this one out before, and I'm doing it again...load a bowl or other microwave safe dish with water and let it roll around for about 5-10 minutes on HIGH and all of those sticky bits will come right off!  Just be careful..and here's your McDonald's scolding coffee warning..the contents will be HOT when you remove it from the micro! on to today's tip.  Let's play SPOT THE TREND.  What item pops up everywhere, from your local grocery store, Pier 1, Target, Home Goods, Neiman Marcus, sweaters on old ladies in Indiana and beyond?? OWLS.  Have you noticed?  I must say, though, even as we inch towards Halloween, I just don't care to decorate my place with owls!  I'm ooooooo ooooooVER it!  The problem with decorating with overly trendy pieces is that, just like the holidays, trends pass.  I love setting the scene in any room with monochromatic items and dressing up everything else with color, shapes, artifacts, etc.  Love the hooten owl?  Then buy fun, colorful pillows with owls (speaking of Pier 1, they actually had adorable ones on sale for $9) DON'T buy the owl wallpaper.  Trust me.  And if I had a dollar for each time I said "if I had a dollar for each time I said.." I'd be sipping something yummy in first class as I zipped off to somewhere fabulous.  PAINT, my friends, is the best and most inexpensive way to transform any space.  A sweet little farmhouse in our area had a nasty little problem in room after room..bad color and even worse furniture placement.  I spent a little time in each room sprucing up the paint and rotating furniture pieces.  This is just one example of what anyone can do in a few hours for a few bucks.  Now go take on your weekend and have a hooten hollering good time!