Friday, September 27, 2013


Has it been a wickedly odd week for anyone else?  As someone I came across this week whispered, "it must be the moon."  Well, I'm not sure what has been in the air but my clients have been off, vendors were acting up and yesterday we had a murderer on the loose in the lovely woods surrounding our sleepy little area...if I didn't know better I'd think I was inserted in the middle of a scary Halloween thriller!  To take my mind off of the ghoolish nonsense of the day, I like to get back to fun things like decorating (shocker, I know).  Whether you enjoy decorating or not, I know we all share that one thing we love finding that helps us escape...maybe it's something you see, touch, smell or make that makes everything else melt away, if for just a nano-second.  I think that's why I dive into decorating for the holidays as much as I do.  This year is no different.  Like Brussels Sprouts, beets and fish, I wasn't in love with this seasons new trend in Halloween decor...skulls.  They kinda freak me out.  But just like adding a little salt and pepper, I got more and more into them over time and came up with fun ways of dressing them up.  My dear friend Michelle Roy is an incredible designer in Los Angeles and absolutely loves everything SKULL (, so channeling my inner Michelle and hipster free-spirit, I ran to Michaels Arts and Crap store, bought some glitter, came home and went to (Spooky) town!
I got art paint from the craft store (ask for glue you can paint with that won't ruin a brush in 30 seconds) and painted the glue onto the skulls I purchased at Home Goods for $3.99-$9.99.  Instead of the expected black or orange, I went for a mossy green. I've also glittered my pumpkins in the past because, at least in my house, nothing is ever safe!