Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I guess a sure sign of getting older is that it takes much longer to recover from a weekend of entertaining!  And it wasn't like we were hosting the members of AC/DC, Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan all at once, either!  We had a lovely dinner party, stayed up a bit late doing dishes and WOWZAH is this over 35 body ever feeling it, or at least that's the excuse I've chosen for not blogging yesterday.  That, and I had four new client meetings, so I was in more homes in one day than the town whore (and I ask you, my friends, what other design blog would mention the word "whore" in an entry?).  Because I am short staffed today (my assistant, Canyon, has fallen asleep after chasing a rabbit in our backyard all morning..) I'm going to make this one short and sheet.  Need to dress up a tired, old bed?  Use this fun tip I learned years ago from the overly-anal, hyper organized, former prisoner Martha Stewart...drape a cool sheet over the headboard and foot board to create a cool, fresh look.
Before you roll your eyes, just stay with me a second.  I am not proficient in sewing whatsoever, so kinda rigged this one on my own, but you sewers out there can perfect my look and send me pictures.  I found a few sheets I loved on sale and draped the flat sheets over the headboard and foot board (by cutting one king sheet in half).  Because the frame I was working with was NOT flat, I cut a seam on the inside of the sheet so they would lay flat then marked with an ink pen where I wanted them to fall.  I dropped them off at my dry cleaner (I know, I cheated) and for $20 they sewed them to fit.  Now when I want a fresh look for fall, I simply slip the sheets right over the frame.  Dirty guest spill something on it, then it goes right in the washer!  Easy, breezy, cheap and beautiful!