Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Martha, Martha, Martha!!!

Doesn't it seem like no matter where you go Martha Stewart is right there slapping you across the face with another product she's hocking? Don't get me wrong, I think she is a brilliant, self-made fabulous Diva, but wowzah, I can't get away from her...from Walmart to Petsmart, Macy's and JC Penny, she's literally all over the place.  What next, toilet paper made out of doilies?  As much as I hate Michael's Arts and Crap store I was wandering the aisles the other day searching for a quick sewing kit for a client, and came across yet another line of Ms. Martha's, this time ceramic paints, decorations and just about every art or craft you could ever think of.  So, I decided to invest ten bucks and see how far I could make it stretch.  I came home with one of Martha's "paintable cling" packages that promised to transform bland ceramics into interesting pieces.  The directions weren't terribly difficult, so I grabbed a few pieces I use for staging and slapped these paintable clings onto them..popping them in the oven briefly to set..and they came out looking pretty darn cute!  While a lot of her ideas seem a bit far fetched unless you have a staff of fifty to help, this one was as easy as the directions promised!